Digital creative arts against terrorism  

Posted by Ketan Kulkarni

I have now changed the anticipated outcome for my masters project into a positive one. The concept is the same, "counter terrorism". I was quite depressed and disturbed reading about the radicalisation of young Muslims. Terrorism is a broader arena so I thought to turn towards the post terror event trauma suffered by general people, people who are suffering from a terror attack or the survivors of an attack. I am looking forward to understand the psychology of people suffering from depression because of these issues. Media hype about terror events is also increasing gradually making the environment more depressed.

I was just surfing through the web and encountered a website, This website is a simple portal with uploaded images from the people world wide. It contains images uploaded by people with their families, individuals or any snaps with a slogan "we are not afraid". This website was a medium for people to unite together and give a message to the radicals about their fearless attitude. This also was a notion of confidence building among the people.

I was reading through the art therapy for de-stressing people suffering from traumatic conditions. Drawing is a creative medium for expressing oneself and quite a pleasant activity as well (stating from my personal experience). Considering these things, I thought of developing a website comprehending creative art such as drawing, music composition, poetry writing, etc. in a digital paradigm. My project advisor suggested me to involve social networking into the website as a prime criteria. Resultant of this, the website would be a social networking website including digital creative art as the main aspect.

Now I am looking forward towards involving my peers in an interview and understanding their idea about their way of tackling depression, usage of internet when being depressed and such other things. A question and priority for myself, at the moment, is to generate a profound idea which would be a pitch-able product after my masters.

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