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Posted by Ketan Kulkarni

I just started a group named 'online social networking for stress relief' on facebook. Until now 20 members have joined the group. I am eagerly waiting for a broader response and being from an advertising school, I am publicising my group widely. I am also searching for related groups like, counter terrorism, social networking, internet & websites, etc. and sending the administrators of the respective groups a personal message to join my group.

I want to carry out my research through discussion forums and understand their psychology through short and decent questionnaires. I have already started a forum and put in two simple questions for people to answer. Response is slow and I think I need to do the marketing of my group in depth.

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hi ketan
just saw u there in my blog follower list and went through ur blog i found it very interesting. its serious and light, simple and easy to understand. thoughts u are putting down r really good to go through. keep it up.

29 April 2009 at 12:27

Hey Vinod, thanks..

4 May 2009 at 18:38

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